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Authentic Leadership:  Defining Your Purpose
Practicing self-awareness is a crucial exercise for effective leadership.

Sustainability lies in defining your values and staying true to you in a rapidly changing

Change Leadership
There are two key components to leading change: your attitude and the attitude of those around you. 
This workshop examines those attitudes and explores two models for navigating change in your organization.​


Change Resilience

We are experiencing change in our lives and organizations at a faster rate than ever before. In this interactive workshop you’ll learn how to move from change resistance to change resilience.


Storytelling for Effective Change
Data and evidence are important, but it’s story that unifies people and drives change. In this workshop, you’ll identify opportunities to tell stories and learn how to create moving stories.

Honoring Your Intuition

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift." -Albert Einstein

Learn how to balance intellect and emotion, reclaim your senses, and use your senses for effective decision-making.​

The Courage to Communicate
Difficult conversations require risk-taking and courage. If you've been avoiding a conversation or the conversation isn't going as well as it could, this workshop will introduce you to proven tools for better results. You'll leave with an actionable plan for expressing yourself and hearing others.

Embracing Imperfection
Innovation is often born from failure, so how do we learn to embrace imperfection? This workshop can be customized to explore individual and/or organizational perspectives on and relationships with failure to create a thriving culture.
Influencing with Integrity
Successful leaders gain commitment from others to move strategies forward. In this workshop you'll learn how to build relationships quickly and lead so that others will follow.
Uncovering Your Natural Talents
Based on the #1 Wall Street Journal Best Selling Strengths Based Leadership, this workshop helps you tap into your natural wiring to create dynamic results and find joy in your work.


Coaching and Mentoring

Managers control. Leaders build trust, listen effectively, provide clear performance feedback, and model effective leadership behaviors. In this crash course you'll build tools that you can apply immediately to increase employee passion, performance, and potential.


Phenomenal Facilitation
Meetings do not have to be a painful, unproductive, necessary evil. This toolbox workshop teaches proven techniques for leading dynamic and disciplined meetings. 

Multiple Boss Madness
Working with multiple bosses can create numerous challenges. This breakout session offers strategies for working with multiple bosses so you can take matters from maddening to manageable. 
From Me to We: Using Consensus to Increase Engagement
The inclusive process of consensus-building helps people move from self-focus to shared vision. This breakout session offers practical tools for better outcomes, better relationships, and a stronger organization. 
Delivering Feedback
You need to have a performance improvement conversation with a team member that reports to you. You know what needs to be said, but how do you say it? In this breakout session, you'll discover a proven process for effectively delivering feedback for improvement. 
Engagement Practices
When it comes to motivating and retaining staff, nothing (not even money) is as powerful as recognition of individual effort and achievement. In this breakout session we’ll explore the art of encouragement and discuss ideas for rewarding and recognizing staff without increasing your budget.

 """Kristy immediately grabbed the attention of 300 plus employees during our organization's annual meeting. Her insights and poignantly facilitated conversations on change on how to manage it in the workplace and beyond was exemplary."

John J Choi, Ramsey County Attorney


"Kristy’s sessions are very focused towards organizational results and aligned with strategic objectives.  Her preliminary planning is exceptional and she does a fantastic job of weaving current events and real life scenarios into her programs.

Kristy is extremely engaging and pulls you in to wanting to participate. Her rapport with staff at every level of the organization is remarkable."

 Lori Horstman, Vice President of Member Experience, Altra Federal Credit Union


"Add IBM to your list of satisfied clients! It was a pleasure-can't wait to have you back!"

Lesley Salsman, IBM Site Initiatives


"Kristy created an environment that was conducive to learning. Her teaching style was enthusiastic, stimulating, idea generating, and her dialogue with the group promoted and encouraged participation. What I appreciated most is that the material and tools Kristy shared were well received and can easily be put to immediate use."

Marshall E. Smith, MHA, LNHA, FACHE


"Your passion is truly contagious and I think you inspired all in attendance. I can't wait to work with you again very soon!"

Josh Roberts, CCUE, CUDE, VP System Collaboration & Development, The Wisconsin Credit Union League

"This is some of the best training I have gone to. Thank you."

Scott J Roesch

President, Fond du Lac Credit Union

"Kristy was a great facilitator. I'd love to have her again. She was the best we've had!"

Southeast Service Cooperative participant