Kristy Walz
Confluence Consulting, CEO (Chief Everything Officer)

Kristy Walz is a results-oriented consultant with twenty years of experience working with leaders in varied industries and roles to help them achieve their goals. She helps create change-ready organizations and helps people find purpose in their work. In addition to her responsibilities with Confluence Consulting, Kristy serves as adjunct faculty for campuses within the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System, and is a practicing Spiritual Director. She is a keen observer with deep curiosity about human interactions and the ability to turn data into decisions.

With an infectious passion for excellence, Kristy will challenge and motivate your team to commit to personal and professional improvement with lasting results.

"She's very bright and dynamic and she had good ideas, but she also listened to our ideas."

Paul Wuensch, Director, Bangor School Board

"Kristy's ability to develop an engaging and safe dialog with people she is not familiar with on a regular basis is wonderful to watch."

Jim Johnson, President, Southeast Technical College, ret.