Compassionate Listening


Different from coaching, different from counseling, Compassionate Listening is an opportunity for busy people to experience stillness. No problem-solving, no assignments. The goal of this time is personal growth and greater self-awareness.


In these one-on-one sessions you’ll explore your present situation with a confidential, non-judgmental listener. You’ll tap into your inner wisdom and experience greater clarity.


Offerings include:


  • 60 or 90-minute listening sessions

  • A guided day of silence

  • 3 or 6-day guided silent retreats



After three years of rigorous study and training, Kristy graduated from the nationally recognized Spiritual Direction Preparation Program at the Franciscan Spirituality Center. Through an innovative mix of workshops and real-life experiences, Kristy has developed her deep, compassionate listening skills, learned how to guide those who seek wholeness and meaning in life and work, and deepened her own spiritual life.

Spiritual directors are trained to listen to people's sacred stories patiently, confidentially, and without judgment. They do not offer advice or problem-solving, but rather help people explore their own paths and discover their own inner wisdom.